Arrival in Varanasi



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A car driving into oncoming traffic, a cow digging the earth to look for food but all it finds is dust, a family of pigs grunting in a drainage ditch, a dog snarling, another one sleeping, a truck driver honking his horn at a car driver, who then honks at a milk vendor on a bicycle. A row of bodies awaiting their turn to be cremated, men playing cards in a black and acrid smoke, a political rally aired on a huge screen.

My first day in India was like a cake with added icing and a thousand new ingredients. Too much for me to distinguish individual flavours. Too much, in every sense of the word.

Today, however, we had set ourselves a precise goal and I’m happy to say we respected it. We collected everything necessary to build the raft. Four plastic bins, bamboo canes, wooden planks and hundreds of metres of thin rope.

This was our first day. No-one knows what lies ahead. We will just take what comes.

 - 10 Rivers 1 Ocean
 - 10 Rivers 1 Ocean
photo credit: Mauro Talamonti