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Our concerns regarding navigation suddenly materialised late today. After reaching the village of Barh, we were informed by a local fisherman that the stretch of river to the next village of Mokara is practically completely drained and navigation is therefore impossible. This morning I had noticed for myself that the water depth was very low and on two occasions I was forced to get off the raft and push it by force into deeper waters. At first I thought this was not a big issue and would not affect our journey, but now it has clearly become a real problem for the days ahead.

Tonight, using satellite maps, my superb team and I – I will tell you about them one day because they are truly extraordinary – made some plans to deal with our off-programme situation. At this point, from our understanding, the only viable option is to pull the raft out of the water and travel to Munger by land on a pick-up truck.

ALEX BELLINI - MAPPA - 10 Rivers 1 Ocean
photo credit: Mauro Talamonti