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I have spent these days collecting plastic debris



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Hello everybody, as you can see by looking at the map, I took a couple of days off to draw some scribbles on the ocean!

I am not new to this spare-time activity, in fact, on the first two days of rowing I guess you remember that I drew the letters E and S. After the S, one of you sent a message in which you were suggesting that I draw out the phrase ‘because there is no planet B”.

Anyway, the wind has been really difficult recently, but the sea anchor helped and I didn’t stray too far. Unfortunately, by tonight I will be back where I was four days ago, which is very annoying because every mile rowed is a real struggle and I want to get back home so badly. The good news is that from tomorrow I will be rowing under tail winds.

I have spent these days collecting plastic debris and I was very shocked to notice that micro-plastic accumulates in clusters. It is not evenly distributed as I had thought it was. Where some parts of the water look seemingly pure, others parts look as though someone has just smashed a plastic crate there. I also notice that the vast majority of the plastic is white and I’m curious to know why.

In my past rowing expeditions I treated myself as a king – this time around, less so, and I didn’t paid too much attention to the variety of food I took onboard with me. But now, after nine days, I can’t bear to have the same food almost every day. Tonight, as with the last three, I cooked porcini mushroom risotto and it is not tasting as good as it did on the first day! Next time I need to remember this.

I know that some of you want to send me messages. You can send as many messages as you want for free just by visiting on the map page on the right hand side.

That is all for now, see you tomorrow

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