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My first rendezvous in the middle of Pacific Ocean



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After five days of sailing from San Francisco, so painfully slow that is seemed to take 50 days, I am here again, on a row boat in the middle of Pacific Ocean.

I am tired and psychologically drained but I am also very excited.

In the next couple of weeks not only do I hope to tell you about the environmental crisis that the Pacific is facing right now, I also hope I can tell you about the beauty and the privilege of being here. The ocean is just as I remember it.

This morning I had the pleasure of meeting up with French swimmer Ben Lecompte, who is swimming across the Pacific to raise awareness on ocean pollution.

I know a rendezvous in the middle of the ocean sounds crazy but this is life! Things just happen.

I am honoured to be part of a small group of explorers, adventurers and athletes who share the same willingness to contribute.

Acknowledgements normally appear at the end of a show but I want to take advantage of my first update to thank my team on the sailing boat that brought me here (Andy and Justin) and my team in Italy (Roger, Riccardo, Francesca, Naike, Giuseppe and my wife Francesca) without whom I would be going nowhere

 - 10 Rivers 1 Ocean
 - 10 Rivers 1 Ocean
photo credit: Mauro Talamonti