This section collects all the educational video content that I have made over the years. I make new videos weekly, so please visit this section regularly. I also invite you always to check the information that I share in the videos because I may occasionally commit generalizations and simplifications. Moreover, especially with topics related to plastic recycling practices, the municipal laws may vary from town to town.

Charta Smeralda

Charta Smeralda is an ethical code created by One Ocean Foundation to share the principles and actions to protect the seas.
In this video, I am going to share the second of its principles.



From January 1, Italy has banned cosmetic products containing microplastics. Can you recognize the substances you have to stay away from? Francesca Urso and I tried to help you.


What are the B CORP

We are undoubtedly in the early stages of one of the most important economic transformations of our life and the growing global movement of people who use business as a force for good is one of the most concrete answers.



Last August I rowed the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and all I learned about the ecological crisis produced by plastic is summarized in this video.


The 7 sources of microplastic

Do you know what are the main sources of primary microplastic?


Do you know the different types of used plastic?

When it comes to plastic, I am often asked what a person can do to make a difference. The answer is always the same: get informed. In this video I will explain you the main differences between the most common plastics: PET, HDPE, PVC, PE-LD, PP and PS. I hope it can accompany you on a journey for knowledge.


Perception of the risk

To better understand the reactions (and non-reactions) of individuals when faced with a risky event it is important to reflect on the perception of the risk. It is a rather important topic because in case of misalignment between perception and reality, people’s response may not be appropriate to the level of risk.

In this video I briefly describe the 6 drivers of risk perception.


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