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Today, the clue I needed to prove that we are all immersed in the same big ocean



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One ocean.

The clue I needed to prove that we are all immersed in the same big ocean revealed itself this morning when I picked up a plastic container that might once have contained some washing soap.

The letters on the bottom of the container, as far as I could see, must have been Korean, right?

I know it might have been dropped by someone sailing on a Korean container ship but I’d rather think it has come from far away. You might be wondering why. Well, because it gives me a sense of togetherness and inclusion.

Despite the fact that, on the one hand, it scrams because it means I hold seem responsibility for that, on the other hand, it is the message that plastic makes us unite like few other things.

This is a unique opportunity and we must not miss it.

The phrase One Ocean also recalls for me the Yachting Club Costa Smeralda (Sardinia, Itlay) of which I am a proud ambassador.

Last year, the foundation launched the Charta Smeralda, a code of conduct for sharing the key ideas and actions which will protect our oceans and seas.

I am talking about it because you, too, can sign the Charta Smeralda and by doing so, you commit yourself to take good care of the ocean in a very practical way, as the Charta will guide you.

Today was a very fruitful day, as much for the miles travelled as for the quantity of plastic I picked up from the ocean. I also bumped into another ghost net to which I fixed a GPS tracker.

This will allow Ocean Voyages Institute personnel to come and pick it up. Fixing these trackers gives a great sense of achievement – I have contributed to getting rid of fishing nets from the ocean.

At first, as stupid as it might sound, I wanted to pull the net onboard with me but, after a second thought, I opted not to. I wouldn’t know where to put it and, apart from that, I know that in a couple of days it would start to smell very bad.

Now I am waiting for a sailing boat, that my support team tells me is about 35 miles away, to come close enough to me to call via VHF radio.

I want to ask if they have some spare coffee to share with me and perhaps some chocolate.

That’s all for now, speak soon

 - 10 Rivers 1 Ocean
 - 10 Rivers 1 Ocean
photo credit: Mauro Talamonti