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Indus river flows between India and Pakistan, in the Kashmir region which is also an area of strong political conflicts between the two countries. It has always played a role of primary importance for the irrigation of the land, severely tested by climate change and pollution.

It is one of the waterways that have been affected most by climate change in recent years, especially due to the consequences of the increasingly rapid melting of glaciers.
The Indus is also severely tested by industrial discharges and intensive fishing, as well as by the mass of waste and plastics it has to absorb. The river originates in the Tibet region (China) at a height of 5,182 meters, flowing through the regions of Indian and Pakistani Kashmir, an area of ​​political tensions between the two countries. Pakistan benefits the most thanks to numerous dams built along its course (the last one inaugurated a few months ago *2019) and the contribution of many tributaries. Historically the Indus has always been the “gateway” to India: from here the Persian troops of Cyrus and Alexander the Great, the Macedonian, arrived. Later, the British relied on the name of this river to name an entire nation, India.

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